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        Press Room

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        How Matching Clients and Caregivers is Like Dating

        December 22, 2017

        Home Care Health News conducts an interview with Margalit Tocher, Owner of Home Care Assistance of Chicago. In the interview, Margalit shares her background in Psychology and explains why her background sets her team up for success when matching a caregiver with a client.

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        People in the News

        November 21, 2017

        Home Care Assistance welcomes Matt Neal to the team as VP for corporate development. In his new role, he will be responsible for executing the company's aggressive growth initiatives, with an emphasis on acquisitions.

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        Movers & Shakers: AlayaCare, Home Care Assistance

        November 17, 2017

        Home Care Assistance is proud to be one of Home Health Care News' "Movers and Shakers," as Matt Neal joins the team. Matt brings years of industry experience to his role as VP of corporate development for the company.

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        Rugby & business: Why you should demand acceptance and respect on your team

        November 14, 2017

        Steve Darley has been playing rugby since he was eight, and has coached the sport for over 15 years. He’s also the president and partner of Toronto Homecare Assistance, a franchise he bought into just over three years ago.

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        Home Care Assistance Presents Bingo for Meals on Wheels

        November 10, 2017

        On Thursday, Nov. 16 Home Care Assistance will host a night of BINGO from 6-8 p.m. at the Rockwall Wedding Chapel. Proceeds from the event will directly benefit Meals on Wheels Senior Services of Rockwall County.

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        Three Common Mistakes Seasoned Home Care Franchisees Make

        October 30, 2017

        Barbara Schuh, Vice President of Franchise Operations for Home Care Assistance, discusses common mistakes even the most experienced home care franchisee should watch out for.

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        How to help victims of the California wildfires

        October 16, 2017

        This article provides resources on the many ways to support those who have been displaced by the fires in Northern CA. Home Care Assistance is working to support those in need, as are organizations like The Red Cross and Airbnb.

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        Here's How You Can Help Those Affected by the North Bay Fires

        October 12, 2017

        Home Care Assistance continues relief efforts for seniors affected by Napa/Sonoma fires.

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        Wine Country seniors evacuated with ‘feeling we were saying goodbye’

        October 12, 2017

        Read how seniors have been affected by the fires in Northern California and how Home Care Assistance is working with Assisted Living Facilities to help.

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        How to help victims of California wildfires

        October 11, 2017

        Read here for how to help those affected by the Napa/Sonoma fires. Home Care Assistance continues to collect and distribute supplies to senior communities in need.

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        Press Room

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